Insane Underwater Base Jumping

June 11, 2010 § Leave a comment

This is really very cool.

Guillaume Nery is a world Champion freediver, who’s record is -113m deep. Julie Gautier is a Freediver, who hold the french women’s record of -68m. I could never hold my breath that long.

Together they made this beautiful video that really expresses the underwater magic of movement. Nery wanted to make an artistic video that showed the visual link of freediving to base jumping. Done.

Gautier was camera operator on this project, while Nery was the diver. The video is shot and edited exceptional well. And yes it isn’t a shot as one dive to the bottom of this sink hole. It took 4 days multiple dives and was all shot in breathe hold.

Dean’s Blue Hole, the deepest underwater sinkhole of the world at 202m. Could you dive with only the breathe in your lungs into the darkness of the deep blue. No ropes. No fins. No can do that, at least not yet.

Go to either of their blogs to see the video. Respect the source.

Filmed with 5D Marc II, entirely in breath hold. Music : Archive “You make me feel”


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