Urban Cursor

November 4, 2009 § 1 Comment

Designer Sebastian Campion most recent art project has created community level excitement. He created an oversized 3-dimensional computer cursor (pointer) and placed it on a square in Figueres, Catalunya during the cultural festival Ingràvid.

People could intact with it. They could sit on it as a bench, play with it and move it around. Becoming participants with the cursor.

What I like about this piece is that this object is from a digital environment. What Campion does is he brings something from a 1’s and 0’s existence to our physical space and then takes the user to the digital world in one click. The cursor is embedded with a GPS device which transmitted its geographic coordinates to a website. These coordinates were mapped in Google Maps cataloguing its movements in real time, allowing for participants to see their collective influence moving the cursor around.

“During the festival participants could also upload photos of the cursor at the website. The photos were automatically placed on the map by matching the photos’ digital time stamp with the GPS coordinates.”

So damn fun and interactive. For more on the Urban Cursor and more on Sebastian Campion.





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